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Novero TheTalkyOne Bluetooth Portable Car Kit for iPhone
Novero TheTalkyOne Bluetooth Portable Car Kit for iPhone
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Novero TheTalkyOne Bluetooth Portable Car Kit for iPhone

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  • Connect two phones simultaneously (multipoint)
  • Streams music from your Bluetooth device
  • Up to 180 hundred hours of...

  • Connect two phones simultaneously (multipoint)
  • Streams music from your Bluetooth device
  • Up to 180 hundred hours of standby time
  • Echo and noise cancellation technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • No installation necessary & completely portable
  • Includes Sun visor holder and car charger

Go wireless with the Novero TheTalkyOne Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker and take Bluetooth freedom to the next level.

TheTalkyOne is compatible with all major Bluetooth phones, and with its versatile installation clip, you can install and mount it yourself in any car interior.

one big, illuminated button controls everything. hit it to take a call, rock it to change the volume.

connect two phones to TheTalkyOne (multipoint) and you can take calls from either during your journey.

when your phone rings, TheTalkyOne tells you who’s calling. you can even download other languages via USB.

disconnect your phone and TheTalkyOne turns itself off automatically after ten minutes.

streams music from your Bluetooth device.

software updates are available online via your USB.

TheTalkyOne uses the best-in-class DSP, and the latest in noise reduction and echo cancellation technology.

use it as a desktop speakerphone for conference calls.

lasts for 180 hours on standby, with up to 15 hours talk time.

TheTalkyOne is beautiful; the first piece of great design in the in-car accessory market.

Keep Talking

With long talk time and over one hundred hours of standby time, never be cut short. Motorola charger compatibility means its ready to when you are. Keep your Novero ready with car charger.

Sounds Good

The Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker's crisp, clear sound quality is enabled by a powerful 1-watt speaker that incorporates sophisticated duplex, echo and noise cancellation technology. The unique speaker technology and the sleek, world class design ensure that everyone connected can hear clear sound, even in noisy environments.

Smooth Operator

Push in the Power/Volume control button on the left side of the sleek oval device to turn the speaker on and off and toggle it up and down for easy volume control. The unique multifunction key on the top of the device answers, ends, and initiates call while also controlling 3-way calling and call hold. With only 2 buttons to control the device it is the smoothest operator around freeing you up to do more important tasks.

Anywhere, Anytime

Set it on a desk or table and have instant conference calls with business associates or friends. Use it for those calls that you want a little bit more privacy by simply plugging your standard wired headset into the headset jack on the speaker. All of these features make this the perfect anywhere, anytime, must-have accessory for your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.

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