Stolen Mobile Phone Information

Temporary Barring of Lost or Stolen Mobile Phones

If you find that your mobile phone has been lost or stolen, contact your network immediately and ask them to put a temporary barr on your number. This will ensure that all out-going calls are suspended temporarily. If you find your phone, you can just ring the network again and ask them to lift the barr, and you can make calls again. If you are unlucky enough to have your phone stolen, at least you can be sure that you are not paying for someone elses calls!

Blocking Lost or Stolen Mobile Phones
If your mobile goes AWOL, did you know that your network can block all stolen mobiles by putting a block on the IMEI number (the phone's serial number). Unlike a temporary barr that can be put on a phone number straight away, an IMEI barr takes 24 hours. Contact your account manager or customer care for more information.

What do you do if your mobile phone is lost or stolen

  1. If your mobile phone is lost or stolen, contact your mobile phone service provider to immediately to suspend your service and prevent unauthorised calls being made and billed to you.  Your service provider will block your SIM card and IMEI number to prevent your phone from being used on all networks (Remember to register your IMEI with your mobile phone company)
  2. Report the loss or theft to the Gardai, providing identification numbers for your SIM card ) and handset (IMEI).  This information may assist the police in the recovery of your mobile phone.  It may also be necessary to report this to the Gardai in order for your phone insurance provider to honour your policy

Irish Network Operator Contacts

If your phone has been stolen or if you have any questions about how to protect your phone, you can contact your network operator on the following numbers:

  • Meteor          1905
  • O2                 1909
  • Vodafone     1907