Phone Security & Tips

A mobile phone is a valuable piece of equipment which unfortunately can be prone to theft and fraud.  When using your mobile, always remain aware of the value that it has to other people.

Protecting your Phone

There are a few simple steps that can be taken to assist in protecting you and your phone:

  • Lock your GSM phone to your SIM card.  This security feature minimises the possibility of your phone being used with another SIM card
  • Enable the PIN (personal identification number) security feature of your mobile phone so it can only be used if the PIN has been keyed in
  • Record the 15-digit IMEI (international mobile equipment identification) number of your GSM mobile phone handset
  • The IMEI is located on the back of your phone, underneath the battery - you will have to take the protective back panel from the phone.  Alternatively, if you dial *#06# on your keypad, the IMEI code will appear on the phone's display panel.

Mobile operators offer customers insurance schemes that will assist in replacing your mobile phone should it be damaged or lost.  Ask your mobile operator about the options open to you, such as an insurance policy. Mobile phone insurance will add an additional cost to your bill. Please check out all the terms and conditions before you sign up to mobile phone insurance.

Mobile Phone Security Tips

  • Never leave your phone unattended in public or at home
  • When you are out, be aware of your surroundings and don't use your phone in crowded areas or where you might feel unsafe
  • Register your IMEI number with your network operator, you can make it easier for your network operator to deactivate your phone if you report it stolen
  • Keep your phone locked at all times (if your phone has this menu function)
  • Consider insuring the phone
  • Read your mobile phone manual carefully to see what security features are available, and how you can activate these