Cardo Scala Rider Q3 Solo Bluetooth Handsfree for Motorbikes

Cardo Scala Rider Q3 Solo Bluetooth Handsfree for Motorbikes

Cardo Scala Rider Q3 Solo Bluetooth Handsfree for Motorbikes

  • Multi Point (pairs 2 Phones at the same time)
  • Single headset Pack
  • Voice Recognition
  • Full Duplex communication with up to 4 riders
  • Range of up to 1km/3,200 feet
  • Quick pairing of devices
  • Mobile Phone Conference Calls
  • A2DP and MP3 connectivity to stream stereo music
  • Built in FM radio with RDS smart scan
  • Noise cancelling microphone
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The scala rider® Q3 makes riding in small groups really fun! With its stylish aerodynamic design, the Q3 offers motorcycle intercom toggling among 4 riders at a range of up to 1km/3,200 feet.

Click-to-Link® patented technology also allows you to spontaneously connect with other scala rider nearby with no need for pairing.  

While riding with a passenger, enjoy your ride soundtrack together with Cardo's unique Music-Sharing™ patented technology giving you the power to be the DJ and control your music.

The scala rider Q3 can connect to 2 mobile phones, A2DP (Bluetooth® stereo) music players, and GPS navigation devices. It also has a built-in FM radio with RDS and a direct cable connection for non-A2DP MP3 players.
To ensure that the Q3 remains at the forefront of technology, you can update its software online via your Mac or PC.

The scala rider Q3 MultiSet includes interchangeable Hybrid and Corded microphone options in the same package to suit any rider helmets.

Bike to Bike Intercom
•A2DP wireless streaming Music
•Built in FM Radio with RDS
•Click to Link Spontaneous chat with other Scala Riders nearby)
•Hot Dial Number (Call Emergency services at a push of a button)
•Software updateable & Customise vox & AGC settings via your PC or Mac Computer
•Music sharing(via A2DP Device)
•Pairs to your Motorcycle Sat  Nav &
  mobile phone separately.
•Bike to Bike Intercom up to 1km Range
•Up to 4 Riders Toggling (Full Duplex)
•8 Hours Talktime /  1 week stand by
•Multi Point ( Pairs 2 Phones at the same time)
•IP67 Certified (Fully Waterproof)
•Interchangeable Hybrid Boom & Cord Mic
•3.5 Jack for your own moulded speakers or speakers supplied
•Customise settings through web portal
•Online Tutorial
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